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About Us

LETS© was founded by cell phone industry professionals with decades of experience developing cell phone networks who worked hand in hand with law enforcement professionals to develop the first cellular body wire in 2006. As a team, we continue to leverage new technology to develop cutting edge solutions for law enforcement making officer safety and secure evidence collection a priority. We are committed to serving law enforcement and our communities which is why you can call anytime, day or night, and we will help you.


Easy to Use

If you can make a phone call or send an email, you can use LETS© products.


Safe & Secure

Evidence collected using LETS© is stored in our FBI-grade datacenter or in Amazon GovCloud, encrypted and signed for verification.


Easy To Customize

LETS© offers packages for the smallest police department to federal agencies. Tell us what your needs are, and we will help build a custom package to fit your needs and budget.



How can you put a price on officer’s lives and evidence security?

We innovate. They imitate.

"Success is building products that keep law enforcement safe and evidence secure."

Our invention of the cellular body wire in 2006 catapulted us to create easy-to-use investigative cell phone technology that is used to record calls, video, audio, texts and even photo’s. Anything you can capture with your cell phone, LETS© can record and protect. We are committed to servicing investigative cell phone technology that is used to record calls, video, audio, texts and even photo’s. Anything you can capture with your cell phone, LETS© can record and protect. We are committed to servicing. We are here for you 24/7.

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Our Services

We lead the industry in cellular recording & investigative technology.


Call/Text Recording

We provide one-party consent call/text recording solutions for detectives, undercovers and informants.

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Body Wires

Our cellular wires are remote controllable and deliver live feeds to your cover team.

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Mobile Evidence

Use our app to securely record evidence, interviews, photos & videos without putting your device at risk.

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Hostage/Crisis & SWAT

Instantly deployable negotiations system with no equipment required.

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LETS Exclusive Innovations

This is what sets us apart from everyone else.

Remote Control

Turn the camera or microphone on/off, reconnect a lost call, get battery life of your UC/CI phone—all by remote control.

Cover Team Talk

No radios needed. Cover team receive automatic notifications to join active operations via cell phone. Listen, talk and strategize without being recorded.

Industry Leading Quality

Our audio and video recordings are industry-renowned for having the best quality and fidelity.


Clients Trust Us

We have found that using the LETS© products is the best way to appreciate their ease of use and value. Click here for a demo.


We have used the LETS© System more than a hundred times in undercover operations and it hasn't failed us once.

-Middletown PD


We have utilized the system for a year now and seen a huge improvement in the way we conduct negotiations. We have been able for the first time to have a system that many people can monitor for live up to the second updates. We have begun to share that information with the Tactical Team in real time and has improved the safety of our Tactical Operators. LETS© has taken all of the system set up time out of any negotiations as well. Now each member can call the LETS© number and start a negotiation without having any equipment to lug around.

-Sacramento County Sheriff


As a twenty-six year veteran in law enforcement and twenty-four of those years I worked Narcotics and Vice, the decision as a supervisor was an easy one after comparing your system to the one we were using as well as others. Even though we had already paid for the other system that we were using, as a supervisor I made the choice between money vs the quality of cases and bigger than that–officer safety!

-Oconee County Sheriff

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