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Magnum Audio Just Released

Magnum Audio is built on the same technology as our streaming video product the Magnum Video Phone. It completely supersedes conventional cellular body wires with unsurpassed audio quality. Hear the difference for yourself.

Tested on the same phone in the exact same location. No audio post processing performed.

Cellular Wire Sample
Magnum Audio Sample

Magnum Phone First Look
by Police Magazine

We would like to thank Police Magazine for featuring our Video Surveillance Phone in the December 2016 issue of their magazine. If you would like to view the article you can read it here. Video recording does not require a specialized phone and compliments our exist product line that includes the LETS phone recording system, cellular wire, and GPS tracking. Any law enforcement agent interested in seeing the phone for themselves can contact us here on the website or by calling us directly.

Introducing Remote Control App
Free To All Customers

We're proud to announce one of our best exclusive features is now free to all customers. Remote control has received a complete upgrade so that now you can control an undercover LETS phone with your own phone from the simple LETS Remote Control App. It's simply and easy to use: just touch a button on the app to send the corresponding remote command to the undercover device. Available now for free on iOS and Android.